About the Arbitrary Base Converter

(Not to be confused with these bases). This is a cute project I took up to get introduced to flask. I'm hoping to improve upon it as time permits, adding more complex base systems to convert to and from.

About me

Lucy is:

  1. Better at writing lists than paragraphs. Unless it's a to-do list.
  2. A novice poet
  3. A native Portlander
  4. A college student
  5. An avid nap enthusiast
  6. A web developer (check out my github)
  7. A runner
  8. A sweet tooth
  9. A fashion expert
  10. A graduate of Cleveland High School and the International Baccalaureate diploma program
  11. A pianist
  12. A volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society
  13. A daughter
  14. A proud sister
  15. A dancer
  16. A space cowgirl
  17. A baker
  18. A feminist
  19. A technologist
  20. A hopeless idealist